Cameras are some of the key sensors in current L2 ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) solutions, and also the L3 and L4 Autonomous Driving applications of the future. With our software-defined design expertise, we have created a camera to achieve optimal performance. This allows us to have dependable perception results in a wide variety of difficult sensing environments.


Example lens configurations

Many lens options are available - contact us with your requirements for more information. Here are some example applications:

Medium lens for object detection

Object detection Camera C1 module drawing

Wide angle lens for remote monitoring

Remote monitoring Camera R1 module drawing

Example ECU options

The automotive GMSL interface can be coupled with edge computing platforms to create perception-ready capture systems. Our cameras have been tested extensively with the following configurations, with more options coming soon.


Working together with ADLINK, we developed a capture system that allows complete hardware control of camera triggering. This allows accurate synchronization of image capture between multiple cameras and other sensors.

One ROSCube-X can host up to eight of our cameras, with four hardware triggers individually controllable using GPIO on the Jetson AGX SoC on board.

ROScube-X ROScube-X

NVIDIA Jetson AGX Developer Kit

With a GMSL adapter board, up to two of our cameras can be connected to the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Developer Kit.

NVIDIA Developer Kit

Coming Soon

C2 camera

5.4 MP resolution model C2

A higher resolution model based on Sony's IMX490 sensor, with a built-in ISP.

Anti-reflective/anti-condensation housing

An enclosure to provide added protection and the option of hydrophobic lens coatings.

Camera module drawing


Product C1
Image sensor Sony ISX021
ISP On-chip
Serializer Maxim MAX9295A
Resolution 1920 x 1280 (2.5MPix)
Shutter type Rolling
Dynamic range (dB) 120 (Max.)
Frame rate (fps) up to 30
LED Flicker mitigation Yes
Lens distortion correction Yes (ISP)
Output image format YUV422
Power consumption (W) 1.7 (at 30fps, DC9-12V Input)
Output interface GMSL2 (up to 6Gbps, Power over Coax)
Synchronization HW/SW triggering over GMSL2
Ingress protection (water/dust proof) IP69K
Operating temperature (°C) -40 to 85
FuSa support up to ASIL B
Driver support Linux kernel driver, ROS1/2 driver
Lens FoV options (HFoV) Many M12 lens options (please ask)

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