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Evaluation test

Q: If there is any damage to the product while doing the test, will it be compensated by Tier IV?

A: No, any damage or errors happened as a result of the test environment cannot be claimed to Tier IV.

Q: Is there any relationship with LIBRE by Nagoya University?

A: No, there is no relationship with the research activity by Nagoya University. This service is a commercial service and is completely separated from academic projects.

Q: Can any type of LiDAR be tested?

A: Yes, we accept all types of LiDAR. E.g. Mechanical Rotation, MEMS, Flash, etc.

Benchmarking score

Q: What is the criteria of the score from 1 to 5?

A: A sample report can be provided, explaining the criteria for each benchmark score.

Q: Is it possible to know the names of the other manufacturers' products in the benchmark?

A: Basically it is not possible to disclose the names, however, if the manufacturer had agreed in advance to disclose the name, then it will be included in the benchmark results.

Q: Is it possible to change from "Disclose model on the benchmark" to "Do not disclose model on the benchmark" after publication?

A: This is not possible if the request comes after publication. It is possible only if the notification is received 5 business days before publication.


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